2013 NPD Award Winners and Event Information


2013 Award Winners:

Philanthropist of the Year - Individual:
  Allan M. Parnell

Philanthropist of the Year - Organization:  Lift a Life Foundation

Outstanding Volunteer Fundraiser:  Jon Dubins

Young Philanthropist of the Year (age 18 - 35):  Mimi Hwang

Outstanding Youth in Philanthropy (age 5-17):  Emily Kosse

Baylor Landrum Jr. Leave A Legacy Award:  Joyce Seymour and the Steering Committee of the Joyce Seymour Leadership Fund

Frank W. Penick Founder's Award for Excellence in Fundraising Practice:  Kirsten M. Bullock, CFRE


2013 National Philanthropy Day Event Information:

National Philanthropy Day 2013 was held on Friday, November 15, 2013 at the Galt House East.  Our keynote speaker was Kevin SalwenAuthor of The Power of Half: One Family’s Decision to Stop Taking and Start Giving Back

Kevin was a reporter, columnist and editor at the Wall Street Journal from 1981 to 2000. At the nation’s largest newspaper, Kevin helped cover two presidential administrations, wrote two columns and launched two publications. Since leaving the paper in 2000, Kevin built several media companies and worked with such organizations as the U.S. Olympic Committee and Yahoo!

In 2006, at the urging of his then 14-year-old daughter Hannah, Kevin and his family embarked on a family philanthropic project to help villagers in Africa build a better future for themselves and their children. Kevin and his family spend much of their time and energy encouraging Americans to recognize that they can build more powerful relationships through generosity and service. 

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